Monday, June 20, 2011

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How do I create a team blog?

Team blogs are quite useful when small groups of people wish to contribute to a single blog. Basically, one person initially creates the blog, then adds other people to it as members.
Team members can either be administrators or not. Administrators can edit all posts (not just their own), add and remove team members (and grant admin access), and modify the blog's settings and template. Non-admins can only create and edit their own posts.
Here's how to add members to your blog:First, go to Settings Permissions:

Enter title for new post

Type in new post contents or you could paste from another website or a composition in word, etc.

You probably heard last week that President Obama launched the "Campaign to Cut Waste."  There's no doubt that cutbacks are needed and certainly some folks living in DC will take a big hit. But government workers in other places are definitely seeing tough times, too. So what local areas are hurting the most?
Layoffs are definitely the worst, and it feels like life is going to get harder for government folks before it gets better. While knocking out government web sites and axing the Federal Register seem pretty benign, it hurts most when it hits our pocketbooks:

Friday, June 17, 2011

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